Our world-leading team in seizure forecasting have developed corrosion-resistant, carbon-based implants for carbon-based lifeforms, suitable for life-long implantation.

Our micron scale carbon fibre electrodes have diameters that are smaller than the neurons themselves, yielding the highest density recording electrode arrays on the market.

Carbon-based Materials

Carbon-based materials such as carbon fiber, diamond, and graphene possess extraordinary properties that make them ideal for neural implants. These materials are biocompatible, low-density, and corrosion-resistant making them the ideal choice for a device that is to be implanted into biological tissue for a lifetime.​

Flexible Electrodes ​

In addition to their robustness, our ultra small carbon fibre electrodes cause minimal tissue damage on implantation and have a similar compliance to brain tissue, reducing ongoing tissue damage. This makes carbon fibre electrodes ideal for long-term implantation. ​

High Resolution ​

Our device is comprised of several micron scale carbon fibre electrodes which have diameters that are smaller than the neurons themselves. Furthermore, due to our advanced manufacturing processes, we are producing one of the highest density recording electrode arrays on the market.​

Advanced Seizure Forecasting​

Our co-founders and technology team are experts in the study of epilepsy at both clinical and academic capacities. We have been involved with clinical trials and extensive lab work all with the common goal of understanding and treating epilepsy to improve the lives of patients. ​

Minimal Surgical Risk ​​ ​

Our neural implant is approximately 1×1 mm allowing it to be inserted or ‘injected’ through a small hole rather than a craniotomy window as is required with large ECoG arrays​

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