Miniature brain implant to anticipate and prevent seizures

Our novel implants are as tiny as they are powerful, seamlessly integrating the inner workings of the brain with the computational power of artificial intelligence and the cloud.

Using carbon fiber electrodes that are a fraction of the thickness of a human hair, our breakthrough device is pioneering a new generation of personalized medicine, allowing brain activity to be tracked in unprecedented detail to anticipate seizures and stop them in their tracks.

For Patients

Freedom is now within reach

Going out with friends, driving a car or caring for loved ones are freedoms most of us take for granted.

But for the 150,000 Australians that live with epilepsy, performing these everyday activities is overshadowed by the looming possibility of a seizure – until now. 

Our implants give unprecedented detail into the workings of the brain, unlocking a way to tailor treatments to patients’ individual needs and transform their quality of life.

For Clinicians

We’re unlocking a new generation of personalized medicine

Treating epilepsy with medication is challenging. One third of patients do not respond, and until now, clinicians have been unable to directly observe the effectiveness of drugs.

Our device offers a new tool to improve treatments for challenging neurological conditions. By collecting long-term observations, the implant allows clinicians to observe patients’ responses in detail and personalize treatments to their specific needs.

How does it work?

Safe, simple implant procedures

With a simple procedure, Carbon Cybernetics’ tiny electrodes can be injected safely onto the surface of the brain through a small entry, preventing the need for the craniotomy required for other implants. 

Designed to last a lifetime

The device’s minute size, combined with the biocompatible carbon-based materials used, prevents tissue damage or scarring and allows the device to operate reliably in place for life.

 Real-time data monitoring

High-resolution data from the implant allows brain activity to be monitored in real-time, providing insights to predict future neural events and deliver preventative treatment.

Get in touch with us?

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