Improving lives for people with complex neurological conditions

Our powerful neural implant is unlocking the secrets of the brain.

The device delivers a stream of high-resolution data to transform the treatment of epilepsy and other neurological diseases.

Our engineers, scientists and clinicians embarked on a journey to master the mysteries of neural signals, which has delivered a world-leading brain-machine interface.

Their remarkable innovation provides the ability to record and stimulate individual neurons within the brain to transform how neurological diseases are treated.

Key Benefits


Implanting the device is less invasive than other solutions, using standard surgical techniques to provide a simple and highly-effective way to manage epilepsy.


The implant directly measures brain excitability from multiple locations in real-time, enabling automated stimulation therapy for precise seizure-risk control.


The unique design of the brain interface provides reliable signals for life.

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Curious to know more?

There will be opportunities for clinicians, patients and carers to participate in these programs and learn more about our transformative solution to manage epilepsy.