Imagine a world where epilepsy isn’t a life sentence...

That world is within reach, thanks to our world-first technology which is pioneering a new generation of personalized medicine.

Carbon Cybernetics is shining a light on complex neurological conditions like epilepsy and developing treatments that empower patients to live normal, independent lives.

Our Partners

Others are chasing the same vision, but Carbon Cybernetics stands alone. 

We are offering a reliable and safe medical implant that lasts a lifetime to help epilepsy patients to manage their condition.

But epilepsy is just the beginning. In time, our implant technology has the potential to transform treatments for people suffering from depression, Alzheimer’s and other neurological conditions.

Meet the Board

Brent Cubis
Non-Executive Director

Alan Fisher


Steven Prawer

Founder, Director & Chief Scientist

Meet the Team

A/Prof. David Garrett

Founder & CTO

Prof Michael Ibbotson

Chief Neuroscientist
Rob Hilkes
Founder & COO
Dr Matias Maturana
Founder & VP Systems Engineering
Steven Prawer
Founder & Chief Scientist
Russell Yardley
Advisor (Corporate Development)

Christian Iorio Morin

Epilepsy Neurosurgeon

Simon Higham

R&D Engineer

Réjean Fontaine

Head of Electronic Development

Jason Jung


Wei Tong

Patrick Chauvet
Head of Clinical & Regulatory Affairs
Sorel De Leon Vergara
Research Engineer

Our Advisory Committee

Steven Prawer - Committee Chair
CTO, Founder & Chairman

Andrew Morokoff

Associate Professor & Neurosurgeon at University of Melbourne
Mark Cook AO
CMO EpiMinder & Seer Medical

Prof Michael Ibbotson

Chief Neuroscientist

Jim Patrick AO

Chief Scientist - Emeritus at Cochlear Limited

Christian Iorio Morin

Epilepsy Neurosurgeon

Curious to know more?

There will be opportunities for clinicians, patients and carers to participate in these programs and learn more about our transformative solution to manage epilepsy.