Carbon Cybernetics featured as Unimelb case study

Our latest media feature

Carbon Cybernetics has been featured as one of the University of Melbourne’s research case studies. In the latest media release, they describe the latest research the team here at Carbon Cybernetics have been working on – particularly in relation to the development of a brain implant to predict and prevent epileptic seizures.

Key Points
  • Carbon Cybernetics has developed a proof-of-concept implant to record high-resolution brain activity for predicting and preventing epileptic seizures.
  • Instead of metal electrodes, the implant uses arrays of carbon-fibre electrodes. The electrodes are ignored by the immune system and small enough to record the activity of individual brain cells.
  • Carbon Cybernetics is one of a group of companies founded by University of Melbourne researchers to develop brain technologies for epilepsy treatment and diagnosis. The group also includes Seer Medical and Epi-Minder.

The central processing unit (grey in diagram) of the Carbon Cybernetics device sits under the scalp. Wires (teal) extend through the skull to the brain. Microscopic arrays at the end of each wire hold carbon-fibre electrodes that record activity from single brain cells.

Curious to find out more?

To read the full article, visit the University of Melbourne website